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Bob Dole, doling out donation to KU Research and Training Center for independent living

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

On February 2,2017, Former Senator Bob Dole made a donation to Kansas University Research and Training Center for Independent Living (RT/CIL). Former Senator Bob Dole, a native-born Kansas resident, went back to his roots and donated $10,000 to RT/CIL.

Independent Living Centers were born from the civil rights movement when it was finally recognized that individuals with disabilities barriers are more than medical needs, it is full community living. Amendment to the Rehabilitation Amendment allowed federal funding to states to create Independent Living Centers. Theses centers primarily provide independent living skills and work closely with Department of Housing (HUD) for accessible apartments. A far cry to genuine homeownership for individuals with disabilities.

In contrast, RT/CIL with collaboration of disability community organizations, research barriers that are present to independent living. They also provide training on skills needed to overcome the any barriers. RT/CIL has a long history of research, advocacy, and training.

It is yet to see if the RT/CIL approach to independent living will have an impact on homeownership for individuals with disabilities but for now, we know that Mr. Dole will continue doling out his support for disability housing rights.



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