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Horizontal Houses

Lowering the Kitchen sinks but raising the bars for disability home ownership.

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"We believe in Community of Choice" 

Welcome to Horizontal Homes Hub. Your Hub for disability homeownership. Buying a home for anyone is daunting but for a person with a disability, the considerations are just as long as the complexity of disabilities found in the world. With little attention drawn to disability homeownership, many believe that it is not economically feasible or safe for the disability community; causing only 2% of American homes to be accessible.


With 1 out of 5 Americans having a disability, disability homeownership is not only a civil right issue for the largest minority but it is also an untapped market in the housing industry and can reduce the cost of healthcare for governmental institutions.


Here at Horizontal Homes Hub you can read blog articles, listen to podcast, and receive special helpful handouts for the buyer to the real estate agent's interests.

podcasting real estate resources and independent strategies for disable homeownership.

Accessibility Is Home Podcast & YouTube Channel

White womane wth brown hair and glasses wearing pink and white sweater sitting in front of a white house with a red for sale sign.

About Me
My Services

I'm a thought leader within the disability homeownership community. I bought my first home during the Great Recession directly from the owner. I successfully modified my home to be wheelchair accessible.

Despite my law degree and lifetime of being a paraplegic, I experienced barriers and discrimination throughout the process. Much due to limited resources and low experience from housing industry agents of all kinds. This sparked the creation of Horizontal Houses Hub and services. 

  •  Consulting services to real estate agents and "housing flippers" about cost-effective accessible modifications and how to market them to the disability community.

  • Speaking Engagements on the range of disability homeownership.

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